Surveyor Services

Survey and Valuation Services

Peachey Loak’s founder and owner, Adrian Loak, is a fully-qualified chartered surveyor and member of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – RICS. Anyone purchasing a residential property and wishing to use our serveying / valuing services should be aware that there are three main types of survey / valuation to consider:

1) Mortgage Valuation Survey
In the event of anyone taking out a mortgage, the lender will instruct a Surveyor/Valuer to carry out a valuation. This is essentially to ensure the lender is able to recover its funds should things go wrong and the borrower defaults. Consequently, the inspection of the property is limited and the Surveyor/Valuer will typically spend about twenty minutes to half-an-hour at the property in question. In the majority of cases it is advisable that a more detailed survey is commissioned. This can either be carried out in conjunction with the mortgage valuation, or at another time by an independent Surveyor/Valuer.

2) RICS Homebuyer Report
Aimed at providing a general overview of the property, the RICS Homebuyer Report is suitable for the majority of properties constructed since late Victorian times. The Surveyor/Valuer will spend about two hours carrying out their inspection. They will enter into the roof space (if possible), drain covers will be lifted and services inspected (but not tested). The Surveyor/Valuer will produce a written report and, if necessary, recommend more detailed investigations into any areas of concern that the inspection highlights.

3) Building Survey
These are generally commissioned when an older property is purchased, particularly if it is built of stone or has a thatched roof. They are also recommended for properties of unusual concrete or steel-framed construction. Anyone buying an old – or large – property should consider a Full Building Survey.

Peachey Loak are able to undertake all aspects of residential surveying and valuing. Costs vary according to the property type, so please contact us for a quotation.

We are also able to provide surveys and valuations on commercial properties. Please contact us for more information.